Spring Wine Club Release

March 06, 2017

The Spring Shipment is a combination of two of our best-selling wines, our Cabernet Sauvignon and our Love You to Pieces. After the incredible success and joy our 2015 Merlot brought in the Winter Shipment (the single barrel reserve…still a little left for those interested) we decided to keep the theme going. The Cabernet in the Spring Shipment is a single barrel, brand new French Oak, Medium Plus Toast, 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon. What you will be drinking in the bottle is the equivalent of me standing next to a barrel, pulling wine from that barrel, and pouring it directly into your glass. It is the purest expression of what our Cabernet is when aged in the finest barrels. Coming from the 2015 Harvest, the wine showcases a more fruit forward palate, with coffee and chocolate influence from the oak. The wine finishes with subtle structure on the back of the palate. As my dear friend and all around gourmand Father Vevick said after his first sip “Here are the keys to my car, please place two cases in the trunk, if you don’t mind!”

The second wine in the wine club shipment is a special version of Pieces of Red we make every year for our club members. This year’s Love You to Pieces was a lot of fun to put together. Starting with 1/3 of a barrel of 2013 Cabernet Franc and 1/3 of a barrel of 2014 Merlot, we used these two wine to craft a more beautiful wine. Showcasing the pomegranate and black pepper of the Franc and the cherry and smoothness of the Merlot, this wine is perfect to welcome the coming of Spring. Both wines, the 2015 Cabernet and the Love You to Pieces are WINE CLUB MEMBER ONLY RELEASES! If you are interested, please call or visit us online, now is a great time to join or re-join the best wine club on Lake Roosevelt!

The Spring Wine Club Shipment features four bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and two bottles of our Love You to Pieces for $99**. We will start processing and shipping/delivering the wine next week. For those in the Spokane area looking to schedule a wine concierge delivery, please contact me at 509-939-3450 or email me at mshaig07@gmail.com. This is a great opportunity to taste through some wines, and, as always, you are welcome to invite friends and family over to partake in the tasting! For those in the Spokane area who do not want or do not schedule a concierge delivery, we will ship out your wine starting March 20th, via UPS, free of charge.

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