The influence of the natural environment on the growing of grapes and the production of wine.

Perfect Location
Perfect Wine
This is a reference to the location of Whitestone's estate vineyard's unique terroir.

What is it about a location that can invoke so many wonderful emotions?  Whether is someone's first visit or their one hundredth, there is something special about Whitestone.  Could it be the oasis at the end of a long journey?  Could it be the vineyard framed by basalt cliffs?  Could it be the mighty Columbia and Lake Roosevelt surrounding you?  Or could it be nature all around, from the wildlife to Whitestone Rock looming near by that conjures up so much emotion.  Maybe it is a little or a lot of all, but the magic of what is inside the bottle, is a reflection of where the grapes started.

The analytical type will point to the micro-climate caused by the large, massive body, of moving water.  The warm days and cool nights during the summer time, and the cool days and warm nights during the fall, all created by the thermal affect of the lake all help to create the terroir.  Add into the mix a combination of sandy loom, old riverbed silt deposits, and the remnants of the Great Missoula floods all add more to the terroir. Sun exposure, wind, and chemical composition of the soil all add up to what is in the bottle.  This is one view of how Whitestone creates their unique wines.  And then there is the other view.

The other view comes to the vineyard, and sees a little slice of heaven on earth, and each bottle of wine created from  the vineyard is a message in a bottle.  That message is to remind people that magical places still exist, poetry can be bottled, and to take a moment to enjoy life with those around them.

Whichever view you take, they both add up to the fact that Whitestone is in the perfect location, creating the perfect wines.

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