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After years of boating on Lake Roosevelt, the largest body of water in the State of Washington, we fell in love with the land surrounding Whitestone Rock.  This location is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the State of Washington.  Whitestone Rock overlooks the Whitestone Ranch.  We jumped at the opportunity to buy the Whitestone Ranch when it was put up for sale in 1991.    Our family-owned Lake Roosevelt Shores Vineyard and Winery is located within the Whitestone Ranch. The Ranch borders the shores of Lake Roosevelt 28 miles behind Grand Coulee Dam.

Winery Facilities on the Shoreline of Lake Roosevelt: 

     Address: 42397 Jump Canyon Rd N; Creston, WA 99117;

     Telephone: 509-636-2001

Wilbur Tasting Room:

     Address: NE Main St, Wilbur, WA 99185

     Telephone: 509-647-2001

Web Address: www.lrsvw.com

Email: info@lrsvw.com




On the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt stands Whitestone Rock, the namesake of our operations. Our Lake Roosevelt Shores Vineyard is watched over by this rock ... the same rock that watched over successful grape-growing operations a hundred years past.


A century ago in the area around Whitestone Rock, early settlers planted grape vines. The vineyards in this area became one of the largest sources of grapes west of the Mississippi.

With the construction of Grand Coulee Dam in 1941, a portion of the Columbia River became Lake Roosevelt, Washington’s largest lake. These vineyards, like so many other things, ended up underwater ... hidden and forgotten as time faded away.

That is until in 1991 when we contacted Washington State University about the possibility of growing wine grapes on a bench within our ranch overlooking Lake Roosevelt near Whitestone Rock. Soon after, research uncovered an incredible grape-growing legacy in the area. Further, it was discovered that Walter Clore, the father of Washington’s wine industry, had researched this area in the early 1970’s and declared it to be an ideal place to grow French Bordeaux grape varietals, including Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The planting of our vineyard in 1994 was the result of this research ... and the saga of grape growing in the area continues.

The highly acclaimed national award-winning wines we produce are clear testament to our unique location.

Walter Clore was right!





After years of growing grapes and selling them to wineries in the Walla Walla area and elsewhere around the state, in 2001 we decided to implement the second phase of our vision ... the start-up of our winery operation. Buildings were acquired in the Town of Wilbur and a small batch of Merlot was produced. A new saga in wine making began.

The final puzzle piece was put in place in 2013 with the construction of a winery complex on the shores of Lake Roosevelt.

The location of the complex is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the State of Washington. The winery complex consists of a production facility, tasting room, two event pavilions, and The Green at Whitestone Point for gatherings and outdoor music events. In addition, we also have an off-site tasting room in Wilbur, Washington, for the enjoyment of our world-class wines.





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